The easiest way to validate any version of any document

Take comfort in knowing that you will always be working with the most up to date version of any document. No app required.

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From a viewer’s perspective, no app is required to validate your documents or access the most up to date versions.

TagMyDoc relieves you from the stress of dealing with multiple versions of documents you’ve previously shared with your viewers, all the while saving you time and money.

When your document is uploaded to TagMyDoc, we automatically apply a tag to it. This tag acts like a key that, upon activation via clicking or scanning, allows your viewers to instantly validate each and every copy of your documents to determine whether or not the most up to date version is being used. Plus, they can always access the most current, as well as future versions of your document without requiring an account.

Integrated into the tools you are already using.

With TagMyDoc for Office, you do not have to change your current working methods. You can tag your documents with one click directly from Word, Excel & Powerpoint. Take advantage of the unique feature of TagMyDoc without having to leave your work environment.

Why should I use TagMyDoc to manage each copy of my document?

  • When you create a new version of a document, TagMyDoc automatically updates all of the copies you’ve previously shared.
  • No matter where these copies are stored (even if a copy was printed as a paper document), viewers will be able to instantly retrieve the latest version.

Stay in contact with your audience.

TagMyDoc opens a brand new communication channel between you and the readers of your documents.

The tag on your document allows you to:

  • Build (a community of) followers who will be notified every time you update your document
  • Receive a notification when someone downloads your document
  • Keep track of document versions
  • Protect your documents with a password to prevent unauthorized access
  • Much more to uncover…

It doesn’t matter where your document is stored.

By connecting your cloud services to TagMyDoc, you can easily tag all of your documents stored on your cloud storage directly from the service.

The documents you’ve chosen to tag will then be accessible in both your cloud storage service (Dropbox, Google Drive & Box) account as well as your TagMyDoc account. Even if your "smart document" is stored on your storage service, the tag will always take advantage of TagMyDoc’s revolution.

sheets of paper saved

Effectively reduce your costs, while not hurting the environment.

One of the main problem we try to solve is the burden of paper lying around the workplace. Save time & money by tagging your documents to dramatically reduce the number of printed paper; it makes TagMyDoc a green service! You don’t need to worry anymore about having the right number of copies in a classroom, at a presentation or a public event.

Simply put, here’s how it works.


To the Cloud!

The service automatically applies a tag to your documents, while storing them securely in the cloud.

Scan & Click

Instant Access

Scan or click the tag in order to have immediate access to the most updated content along with numerous other features.



The application layer includes many tools that allow you to better manage your content and to connect with the readers.

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