The Basics

Things to know on how TagMyDoc works.

Ensure your copy is up to date

Make sure that the document you are working with is up to date. Instantly. Thanks to the Version Validation Tool, you just have to scan or click on the tag of the document to know if you can continue working with it. If your copy is out of date, retrieve the most current document on the spot. Don’t waste time and money working with an out of date copy anymore and stop wasting valuable resources on searching for the right document through entire folders.

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The new way to interact with your documents

By maximizing access to your documents, TagMyDoc revolutionizes the interaction between you and your readers. This is done with a simple click on the tag that will bring you to the application layer. This one represents the intelligence of your document and brings tools that maximizes the communication with your readers.


Following documents is awesome when you think of it. Typically on the web, you follow a user or a person. On TagMyDoc, you follow a document to get instantly updated when the author makes changes to it.

Microsoft Office Add-ins

The add-ins for Microsoft Office 2007-2013 lets you tag your documents without ever leaving the application. As soon as your document is final, make sure to tag it; only one click is necessary.

Your Documents

Your documents are all centralized in one place where you can manage them, create folders (and share those folders!), search & share. It is also the place where you tag your documents.

Save Paper

One of the main reasons to use TagMyDoc is to save paper. TagMyDoc will track the total paper you save and the paper saved for each documents.