The Idea

TagMyDoc’s innovative ideas spur from 3 web enthusiasts; the founders of Knova Web Technologies Inc. Lengthy discussions about document management possibilities combined with the wide reach of new technologies gave birth to the amazing business initiative. Further discussions and brainstorming sessions lead to the idea of having a smart tag displayed on any document, which would allow easy retrieval of its latest version while bringing life and intelligence to it.

Moreover, TagMyDoc’s three founders strongly believe in a unique team-based culture, which stimulates the generation of ideas and innovation, in a friendly and casual working atmosphere. They believe in their core values, and make sure it’s reflected on all platforms, as well as in the workplace.

They also encourage customer feedback, as they are a new company who strives to learn and improve their services in order to further customize their features to the needs of their precious users. In a nutshell, TagMyDoc values your opinion and invites you to voice your opinion loudly. We are listening, we promise!

Our Mission

TagMyDoc wants to revolutionize the way people interact with each copy of a document by bringing life and intelligence to any document, no matter where it’s stored. We want to make people use TagMyDoc to always give access to their most updated content and to further interact with the readers of their documents.

Our Philosophy

At TagMyDoc, we have developed a new way to make documents smarter by offering a unique application layer that includes immediate access to the latest version as well as unique tools to help people connecting with the readers of their documents.

In order to further improve our services, we have a dynamic team working on creating new applications and features to better suit YOUR needs! To make this happen, we make sure to always stay on top of technology news and trends. Our Facebook and Twitter are our eyes and voice, and we use them wisely in order to educate and learn.

“Developing day after day” isn’t a figure of speech. It embodies what we believe in, what we work on and who we are as team. It is a promise. We promise to work harder than ever to improve all of our services and constantly offer you better.

Keep on tagging and let your documents work for you! We are only getting started.

Gabriel Deschênes

CEO, co-founder

Gabriel, a trained programmer-analyst, is first and foremost a visionary who thinks about new and innovative concepts. He believes that a person who has vision must be an excellent observer to ensure a certain level of logic to these pioneering ideas. However, above all, he wishes to remain alert to the demands of the market to keep these out-of-the-box ideas grounded in a realistic manner. Gabriel also counts on the power of synergy between Knova’s creators to innovate and move forward with the industry.

Alexandre Demers

CTO & Lead Developer, co-founder

From Canada’s capital region, Alex manages the technical aspects of the company. He is responsible for developping the products and the technical architechture of the business. He always has a project on the go, whether it’s a mobile application or a future product of the company. Basically, he’s always thinking of new development opportunities.

Julien Le Roux

Business Development Director, co-founder

Always ready to overcome new challenges in a dynamic and passionate way, Julien is an individual geared towards results. After several years of university and experience in sales, Julien expects to use his skills and knowledge to bring Knova to new heights, and this, with professionalism and enthusiasm.

Guillaume Laurier

Marketing of products

Guillaume executes TagMyDoc’s marketing tasks. Great ability to work in team, he stays close to the marketing and development team. He is charge of analysing and developping new strategies to promote products at the international level. Guillaume optimizes existing resources such as support material, user guides, social network publishings and blogs.

Mathieu Pelletier


Holding a Master of E-commerce from HEC Montréal, Mathieu embarked enthusiastically on the TagMyDoc adventure as CMO to bring a new dimension to the strategic direction of the company. Having worked for the Cossette agency in social media for nearly two years before joining TagMyDoc, Mathieu has developed an expertise in web marketing that focuses on user experience and the analysis of Web Analytics.

Camille Hartley

QA of products

In her position as Quality Insurance Manager, Camille, diligent and hard-working, has brought forward innovative marketing ideas, and has greatly contributed to the promotional decision-making processes. She works closely with the marketing manager, ensuring the total quality management of communication platforms and the consistency of information given to all users of the product. She works on analyzing and creating marketing tools that will help spur TagMyDoc’s ever-increasing international reputation.

Étienne Faucher


Étienne studied at Cégep Édouard-Montpetit with the intention of becoming a programmer-analyst. With his college degree in hands, and his ever-increasing passion for the programming world, he chose to continue his studies at l’École de Technologies Supérieures to become a software engineer, and fulfill his long-lasting goals and dreams. What a character! Colorful, friendly, and easy to talk to, his passion drove him to meet our team. Étienne loves his jobs, and constantly seeks to bring TagMyDoc to the next level, hoping that he can contribute to the success of the company, and participate in its expansion on the international scene!

Justin Leduc


Web passionate and caffeine amateur, Justin chose to pursue his studies at St-Jérôme’s CEGEP, with the intention of learning more on what the multimedia field had to offer. Ergonomic, simplistic and “pixel perfect” design–that is the type of web platform he very much identifies to, and strives to achieve through his hard work. He spent the first years of his professional career in infographics and synthetic animation, to better realign his interests towards computer programming, and its ever-increasing opportunities in the industry. His motivation and versatility make him an indispensable asset to the long-term success of TagMyDoc’s services.

Edith Morin Duchesne

Marketing team

From the Montreal area, Edith has a communication and marketing degree. She is working closely with the marketing team to search business opportunities, enhance communications through different strategies and ensure to make shine TagMyDoc to the public. She has a great taste for LOL and she loves her boss.


The following people have contributed to TagMyDoc in their own special way.

  • Orangerine
  • Nicolas Beaulieu-Drolet
  • Alexandre Bureau
  • Paul Demers
  • Sonja Dussault
  • Nathalie Gagnon
  • Jacob Lafrance
  • Guillaume Laurier
  • Anaïs Law-Athion
  • Jonathan Lepage
  • Justin Matthews
  • Mathieu Pelletier
  • Julien Tran
  • Caroline Venne
  • Pier-Alexandre Bouchard

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