The new way to share documents

Teachers share many documents with their students on a daily basis. Plus, many educators have expressed the desire to use new technologies and move to a paperless classroom environment.

How can you do it? TagMyDoc, a technology used by tens of thousands of teachers all around the world, is the ultimate tool for you.

Instantly share your documents from within the classroom

  • Associate a validating tag (QR Code) to your documents with the TagMyDoc application
  • Display or distribute the validating tag in the classroom
  • Let your students scan the validating tag with their tablet or their smartphone to instantly retrieve all documents they need for class

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Distribute the updates of your documents without effort

  • Your students will be notified in real time by email once you create a new version of a document
  • Create new versions of a document such as a homework assignment, a syllabus, a lecture note, without changing the validating tag you distributed; it will always provide the most up-to-date version!

Easily generate discussions about a document with your students

  • Let students ask questions and give feedback in the document’s comment zone
  • Easily access the comment box of a document by clicking or scanning its validating tag

Store your documents in a powerful cloud-based archiving system without leaving your actual work environment

  • From within your Microsoft Office suite, a single click is all you need to update your documents and store them in your TagMyDoc cloud-based environment
  • Organize your documents in folders and retrieve the folder’s validating tag to distribute the most up-to-date content to your students

Take advantage of other unique sharing and validating features

Encourage your students to get involved, which will facilitate their learning with an innovative and easy-to-use tool! Do like thousands of other teachers all around the world and join TagMyDoc now:

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