The Instant Validation of Documents

"Is it the right document?", "Is is the right version?": Imagine if each copy of a document could answer those questions… It is now possible with the validating tag and the instant validation of TagMyDoc.

The validating tag: the all-star player of document validation

First of all, the validating tag is as much a part of the content of your document as an image, a paragraph or a table of content. The validating tag can be seen as an imprint following every copies of your documents, making the validation possible regardless of where the document is.

Automatic validation when opening a document: the dream tool to increase your productivity

Productivity has never been as accessible. It’s simple, every time you open a document, the TagMyDoc’s app informs you immediately if you hold the latest version or not.

The electronic validation in one click: the validation available for everyone!

This way, no application is necessary to validate your document (ideal for people outside your organization). Briefly, one single click on the validating tag of your document and it’s done!

Paper document validation: the document management revolution

Bring a wind of change within your company. From now on, all your paper documents can be validated with a smartphone and/or tablet. Imagine all the possibilities!

Your brand image: your documents are now certified!

Personalize your validating tag by putting your company up front. Indeed, your business logo will act as a certification seal and a quality guarantee for every people who will consult your documents.

Version System

In the heart of TagMyDoc’s revolution is a multi-platform system that allows you to work with the most recent document. In addition, you have access to the whole version history of a document and can return to any previous version at any time.


Collect data about the validation on your documents and analyze the way people interact with it. A validation on a wrong version means someone accomplished a productivity gain by not working on that wrong one.

Automatic Publishing of Documents & Updates

To share documents is certainly a natural addition to the validation of documents. In short, effective sharing combined with available validation at all time certainly helps to always consult the right document.

TagMyDoc for Office

Further than validation, the TagMyDoc application allows you to share documents created in the Microsoft Office Suite. The publishing of new versions is made directly from your Microsoft Office Suite, without leaving your usual working environment.

Follow Updates

To follow the updates of a document is a major feature of TagMyDoc. This feature gives the opportunity to your document’s reader to be warned in real time when you create a new version. That way you make sure to keep all members of your team productive!

Document Protection

Security is a priority for you? Be sure to protect your document with a password to prevent anyone unauthorized to look at it.

Personalized Document URL

Create a personalized document URL. This will allow you to share your document with a wide audience and access the file from any device (computers, smartphones, tablets, etc.). No need to click or scan the validating tags!

Personalized Folder URL

Create a personalized folder URL. This will allow you to share several documents with a wide audience and access the file from any device (computers, smartphones, tablets, etc.). No need to click or scan the validating tags!


Gather feedback on your document and generate discussion around it while encouraging people to comment.

Intelligent & Hybrid Storage

Being included by default to all TagMyDoc’s product, storage is still optional for specific needs. In other words, you can freely choose where your documents are stored. TagMyDoc’s cloud storage is provided by Amazon S3.

Folder Validating Tags

Tagging and sharing files is so simple. First of all, create a file in your TagMyDoc storage space and after, place your tagged documents in it. Thereafter, share the folder tag to allow everyone get access instantly to all your latest documents in the file.

Dropbox, Box & Google Drive

Connect all your favourite storage cloud accounts with TagMydoc to start tagging all your documents that are already stored in these accounts.

Multiple Tags

Do not waste your time and tag more than one document at a time. Simply select several documents before tagging.

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