Secure customer workspace platform

Nowadays, it is much easier to retain an existing customer than to acquire new ones. That's why customer experience is at the heart of the new strategies of organizations: it’s crucial to develop strong customer relationships.

Securely share important documents to your customers and partners via your own branded customer space.

With the TagMyDoc platform, you can manage your documents in a simple, effective and safe way. Easily share files and documents with people from outside your company. Access the secure platform and manage it from anywhere via a computer, a smartphone or a tablet.

  • Create your own folder and subfolders structure
  • Protect your data with a password and an encryption system
  • Customize your customer space with your own logo
  • Manage rights and permissions to access and edit documents
  • Generate activity reports to guarantee compliance: know at all times who has accessed which document and when
  • Get real time notifications by e-mail for any action performed in your folder
  • Store your documents in a secure cloud storage space used by several banks
  • Quickly find your documents thanks to advanced and efficient search filters
  • View the documents directly from your browser without having to download them
  • Go paperless and be at the forefront of your industry

Very easy to use for all your customers and partners

  • Intuitive design even for your less technological customers
  • Instant access to transaction history: invoices, statements, proposals, contracts, etc.
  • Sharing and distribution of optimized sales and marketing materials
  • More effective collaboration between partners and customers
  • No need for your customers to call your business in order to retrieve lost documents
  • No more paper documents sent by mail
  • Cut down on endless back-and-forth emails with attachments

Make life easier for your mobile workforce

Your representatives on the road often have difficulty accessing easily the up-to-date information they need. Whether to find customer forms, price lists, product literature or suppliers, give your sales force the most effective tool to facilitate their work and strengthen the relationship they develop with your customers:

  • Easy access to documents on smartphone, tablet and laptop
  • Secure cloud-based environment accessible from anywhere
  • Structure of folders and subfolders of your choice
  • Fast and powerful search tools
  • Guarantee to work with the latest version of the document
  • Comment zone and important sticky notes to generate discussions
  • Tracking module on actions performed on documents

Eliminate hassles and risks of errors

  • Slow and unstable remote access (VPN)
  • Printing soon-to-be out-of-date documents
  • Backup files to different USB Flash Drives
  • Searching through email attachments
  • Sharing wrong documents to customers (wrong price list, outdated information on products, etc.)

Automate the approval processes of documents

Within your organization, many processes involve electronic or paper documents circulating between several people. The process of reviewing and approving documents (i.e. contracts, proposals, reports, financial statements) is often complicated, lengthy and inefficient.

The TagMyDoc platform has already helped solidify over 1.2 million business processes among its current users:

  • Make the approval process of your paper or electronic documents smoother and continuous
  • Eliminate wasted time and chaos created by duplicates
  • Reduce your reliance on paper
  • Increase your data security
  • Approve and process documents more quickly
  • Grab more opportunities
  • Increase the quality of your services and concentrate on your value-added activities