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The best platform for exchanging files and confidential messages:


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Simplify life for your customers while securing their confidential data.

A platform that listens to your needs and those of your customers. Facilitate the collection of documents, sending of confidential data and messages. Save time and avoid email chains. It's easy to access and just as easy to use!

Secure exchanges: complying with the highest standards of security and data encryption
Intuitive user experience: your customers will say "thank you". Nothing else.
Cloud storage: at the geographic location of your choice
Adaptive interface: mobile & desktop

Easy to use for you and your clients

  • Simple and intuitive platform. Your external collaborators and customers do not need training or any configuration.
  • Mobile access anywhere, at anytime
  • Real-time alerts around file and message transfers
  • Reduce the size of your email server by eliminating attachments storage

Drop files here

Unlimited bandwidth for file transfers

  • No limit on the file type and its size: supports files of 10 GB and more
  • State-of-the-art technology for fast transfers
  • An easier alternative to traditional FTP and emails
  • Simply drop files to send them

Secured end-to-end

  • Integrated and active anti-virus for every transfer
  • Encrypted data in transit and at rest
  • Regular penetration tests performed on the platform
  • Real-time activity reports on all transfers

Encrypted sharing and electronic signatures: the perfect business process for a successful digital shift

Combined with the simplified and encrypted sharing of TagMyDoc, the e-signature module allows your customers to sign their documents in the comfort of their home, on the road or wherever they are in the world.

Simplified life: avoid unnecessary physical trips to your customers and reduce processing time due to missing signatures on documents.
Optimal experience: have your documents signed via an intuitive interface available in various languages.
Guaranteed compliance: strengthen your compliance with the most comprehensive surveys on the market concerning actions surrounding the signature.
Proven profitability: for each e-signature request, save up to 36$ in printing, postage and storage costs.

100% of our efforts are for customer satisfaction, from sales to full deployment.

Here's what our clients think.

How would you describe your shopping experience when you purchased TagMyDoc?

4.91 / 5

Once TagMyDoc was deployed, were your customers' comments positive about your initiative to secure and simplify the sharing of their confidential data?

4.95 / 5

Once TagMyDoc has been deployed, at what level has the solution simplified and secured your confidential data sharing operations compared to your old ways?

4.63 / 5

How would you describe your experience in terms of deployment, training and support provided by the TagMyDoc team?

4.73 / 5

Here's how TagMyDoc simplifies your file sharing

Step 1. You

With one click, send a request to your customer to join your secure space

Step 2. Your client

Simple authentication and without the need to have a TagMyDoc account, your client sends you in the blink of an eye his confidential files

Step 3. You

Alerted in real-time, your customer has stored his confidential files.

Step 4. Your client

Discussion area available in the secure space to exchange reminders, notes and confidential messages with your client. All without the need to create emails! In short, your customer will once again tell you, thank you.

Gather your documentation and communications.

It's really simple to be effective!

"…in less than 5 minutes."

All of my clients quickly receive their confidential data in less than 5 minutes.

Isabelle Thériault, Maurice Chiasson, CPA Inc.

¬ę¬†‚Ķthe easiest platform to use‚Ķ¬†¬Ľ

TagMyDoc is truly the easiest platform to use, my accountant has mastered the tool in a matter of minutes and my customers are unanimous about the simplicity and sense of security they experience using their secure TagMyDoc space.

Jocelyn Beaulieu, CPA auditeur CA, Associate at Labelle & Racicot CPA Inc.

¬ę¬†‚Ķwith reducing paperwork and time‚Ķ¬†¬Ľ

Beyond the monetary savings associated with reducing paperwork and time, the real added value that we attribute to the TagMyDoc secure space is the ability to stand out by perfecting our professional service offerings with an emphasis on quality of our exchanges, which maximizes the customer experience.

Mathieu Chabot, CPA auditor CA, Accountant at Jean-Pierre Mayrand, Comptable professionnel agréé

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